General FAQs

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Are there any charges other then monthly rent?

No. However, you are responsible for your phone and cable bill if you requested these amenities.

Is there trash service available?

Yes, trash is collected three times a week.

Is there a notice required prior to moving out?

Yes, we require 30 days notice unless it is due to medical reasons and you need more care.

Is there a Buy In?

No, Ashewood Manor does not require a Buy-In, just your monthly rent.

Is there a yearly lease?

No, rent is paid month to month at Ashewood Manor.

Is there housekeeping services provided to clean my apartment?

Yes, apartments are cleaned every two weeks.

Do we get meals?

Yes, we provide one meal per day at 12pm in the Dining Room. If you want another meal you can make this request to the Administrator for a nominal fee per meal.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. However, there is a pet deposit, and a size restriction.